Mein Profil als Fotografin... es existiert eigentlich gar nicht.
Ich habe weder eine Ausbildung als Fotografin, noch habe
ich Fotografie studiert. Ich bin Diplominformatikerin, manage
ein IT-Unternehmen (

Bilder zu malen und Emotionen wiederzugeben, Momente

Zu dieser Zeit war Fotografie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes mein
I've neither an apprenticeship as photographer nor I've studied photography.
I've graduated in computer science and manage an IT company (, advise managers of affiliated groups, give lectures and write reference books about computer science (

I enjoy photography and art. I try to paint pictures and to express emotions with the camera, to capture a moment.

I work on projects which inspire me.

During my study of computer science (long time ago) I've photographed a lot for agencies, newspapers and associations.
Photography was literally the staff of life for me in this period of time.
Now pictures are just nourishment for my soul.